Car Detailing Brisbane

Car Detailing Brisbane

Mobile Car Detailing Brisbane

Washing and cleaning vehicle is something people do in Brisbane every weekend. The regular washing of your vehicle keeps it in great shape and can also be a relaxing and fun habit to add to your weekend routine. Despite this, did you know that perhaps you are not doing everything you can to properly maintain your vehicle? You can discover countless ways to protect your vehicle if you speak with an expert who works in car detailing industry.

In addition to preventing your car from getting damaged, these tips help you get the most from your investment by ensuring it looks great the whole time. To keep your vehicle in top shape, take a look at some of these expert car-care tips. Several detailing packages are provided in detail in the following sections. You have a number of different options when it comes to mobile car detailing in Brisbane.

Brisbane Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Service

Car Detail brisbane

In order to avoid damaging your car, you should wash it as soon as possible after getting it dirty. This could result in significant damage if you postpone this important task! Over time, dirt and grime can damage the body of your vehicle. In addition to removing dirt and debris from your car, you can also protect your vehicle in the long run by having an auto detailing specialist use professional-grade cleaning products that not only remove grime but also help maintain your car in the future.

There’s nothing better than our Brisbane mobile detailing services because you don’t need to have your car detailed at a carwash. You can have it done right at your place anywhere in Brisbane.

People increasingly use this service because of its convenience and quality. For a few dollars more, most people are willing to eliminate the hassle of having to have their car detailed.

What are our Brisbane Interior Detailing Services?

Your car will look brand new after we detail it! As part of our complete interior detailing service, we will do pretty much everything inside of your vehicle, including detailing the leather, shampooing the carpets and cleaning the upholstery. The other services we offer include the protection of fabric, applying air conditioners and the cleaning of the interior dashboard, console and doors.

Cleaning the interior includes removing trash, vacuuming the entire interior (cabinet, trunk, under seats, compartments), wiping down all surfaces (door jambs, air vents, dashboard, central console), shampooing seats, shampooing carpets, odor treatment, leather conditioner and cleaning interior windows.

We clean all carpets and upholstery with compressed air and perform fine bushing. We wash all carpets, upholstery and floor mats with hot water extraction. A premium interior cleaning is applied to give a brand new look to all interior surfaces including windows, rear-view mirrors, cup-holders, gauges, seat belts, steering column, consoles, glove boxes and key fob.

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Interior Detail

Interior Detailing Checklist

  • All interiors and trunks will be vacuumed
  • Clean inside your car to ensure there are no stains on any surfaces inside the vehicle
  • All hard surfaces in the interior are properly protected against UV light
  • Shampoo all interior carpets, all trunk materials, and all floor mats
  • Cloth seats will be cleaned deeply, leather seats will be conditioned
  • Cleaning head liner, vents, cup holders, console, dashboard, etc.
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Under boot mat cleaning, spray air freshener
  • … and more

Brisbane World-Class Car Detailing Services

Car Detail Brisbane

Our mobile car detailing services in Brisbane are world-class and provide excellent value for money. In terms of properly taking care of your beloved vehicle, we always offer a specialised service that is a step ahead of what you can find at your local gas station tunnel car wash, no matter which one you choose.

Do you know how much time and effort it will take you to complete a job that can be performed by a professional detailing company in less than half the time? A team of experienced detailers from our Brisbane branch, manage our vehicle detailing service. Our detailing services are carried out with an exceptional attention to detail and with only the best equipment available on the market today.

If you ask “How can I determine if this is a worthwhile investment?” the answer is “you can find out what our reputation is, how our services have been received by our customers and how they have rated us!”

Our Exterior Car Detailing Services in Brisbane

In terms of exterior detailing, we give your car a good cleaning and remove any dirt, grime, foreign objects stuck in its wheels, chipped paint, and give your car a thorough hand wash to make it shine like the sun in the summer! We offer a full-service hand wash that thoroughly cleans all crevices and gaps. We, at “Like Car Detailing” also offer additional services, such as window tinting, ceramic coating, and PPF application, on request. We offer mobile auto detailing services based in Brisbane. A detailer will come to you at your workplace or home. In Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, “Like Group” strives to provide exceptional service with individual attention to each customer. As Brisbane’s preferred car wash and detailing company, we take pride in our service.

Let us know how we can help you reclaim that clean car feeling today!

Interior Detail

Exterior Detailing Checklist

  • Surface cleaning, removing tar and bugs, removing oxides, polishing, protecting, waxing, and sealing surfaces
  • Cleaning the wheel wells, applying protective coating, and cleaning brake calipers
  • Washing dress tyres and rubber
  • The windshield, the passenger windows, the headlights and tail lights will be cleaned during this procedure
  • Washing and cleaning front and rear bumpers, splash guards, front grille and rocker panels
  • Cleaning the gas tank, license plates, door jambs and tail pipe
  • … and more

Experienced Car Detailers

Our team of qualified car detailers offers car detailing services in Brisbane of the highest quality. We will be glad to help you if you require cleaning of the seat, carpet, windows, doors, or interior of the car.

Cheap detailing
Reasonable Prices

With our various packages for car detailing, we try to please every customer. This results in affordable rates for our car detailing service.

Bond Back Guarantee
Guarantee for Customer Satisfaction

Like Car Detailing always focuses on providing high-quality services at a reasonable price. Your feedback will be used to improve our service after we clean or wash your car.

Car Detailing Packages Price List
To make your decision as easy as possible, we offer several options and packages


Among the services provided include vacuuming of floor mats, seats, and carpets, cleaning of dashboards, cleaning of central consoles, dusting of vinyl surfaces, dressing of carpets, shampooing of leather surfaces,…
View Full Interior Detail Service

From $95


We clean and dry the body of the car, the wheels, the tyres, and the windows for it; we get rid of dust and grit with clay bars; we seal the paint with acrylic sealant; we clear and polish surface scratches, and …
View Full Exterior Detail Service

From $95


The interior and exterior of the vehicle are washed and vacuumed, the upholstery is rushed, the sun visors are cleaned, the seat belts are detailed, the central console is detailed, etc.
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From $185

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Auto Detailing Service in Brisbane

As we exclusively use hand washing, we will not cause damage to your leather seats or scratches due to inferior equipment. All chemicals used for the detailing process are safe. In addition to providing high-quality detail services, Mobile Detail Shop offers the advantage of scheduling an appointment by phone, so you can rest assured that we will be on site to wash your car as soon as you call. We will do our best to meet your expectations!

Our team of expert cleaners cleans dirty vehicles in a matter of minutes so you don’t have to worry! We’ll make these chores easier for you, all while performing them in a safe and professional manner, without you having to lift a finger. Give us a call the next time your vehicle gets dirty on the way to work or after a road trip and we’ll have it cleaned for you quickly!


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