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Like Car Detailing is a leading car detailing service provider catering to all areas in Adelaide,SA. This has been our business for several years. We have always been dedicated to delivering premium-quality services at an affordable rate. Our team of experts, professionalism, attention to detail, economical pricing, and commitment to quality are some key terms that have made us unique. So, if you need professional car washing and detailing service Australia wide, no worries as we are here to help you with all your car detailing needs.

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Why Choose us for car detailing in Adelaide


If you want the best car detailing Adelaide has to offer, then make sure to contact us today. We know how important your vehicle is to you, so we make sure that our highly trained staff are dedicated to providing the best possible service.

Detailing your car is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. Keeping your vehicle in top shape regularly, is important to its value, so it makes sense to invest in a professional detailing service.
Your vehicle can be restored to factory freshness using a professional detailing service with experienced and skilled detailiers. To make your vehicle as good as new, our car detailers use special equipment and cleaning agents. So, after a car detailing service, the interior and exterior of your vehicle will look like new with some additional benefits.

We offer a wide range of services and options, from simple wash and wax to full interior detail and paint correction. We are dedicated to providing you with a high quality finish at cheap prices. We always take pride in our work, no matter how small the job is. Our professional staff will ensure that your vehicle is spotless inside and out, leaving you with an amazing experience that you can brag about to your friends. Our staff are trained to the highest standards so you know your car is being looked at by the professionals. All products used on your car are safe and carefully applied with precision by one of our experienced staff members.

Why your Car Needs a Professional?


What you drive says who you are! You are reflected in your car’s maintenance if it isn’t up to par! As it pertains to car detailing, this term describes how clean and polished your car is. So, this is the reason you should seek the services of a professional auto detailing company. This professional detailing service not only refurbishes your car, but also your image and represents your personality.

Professional Car Detailing Benefits


Professional car detailing not only gives your vehicle a brand new look, but also comes with more benefits for you and your car.

Increases your car resale value

From a buyer’s point of view, rusted and scratched vehicles are not desirable, particularly at a relatively high price. If it doesn’t have a good image, buyers will try to negotiate way below your set price even if the vehicle has exceptional engine performance. Your car will be worth its selling price if you hire a detailing service because it will give your car a high resale value and you can confidently sell your car.

Restores comfort through interior detailing

Interiors of cars are also susceptible to wear and tear, just like the exterior. It is very difficult to clean interiors when dust and other elements are stuck. By getting an interior car detailing service, you can instantly restore the car’s comfort levels. Parts of the vehicle will be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned and worn parts such as the seat foam and covers will be replaced.

Improves the paintwork condition

A number of environmental factors can negatively affect the condition of a vehicle. Over the time, vehicle body becomes vulnerable to scratches when the wax and seals on the body wear away. An auto detailing service can restore the car to its original state.

Enhances car protection

Your car remains in good condition regardless of the weather. You might consider this even more if you normally leave your vehicle outside all day. Car exteriors are protected from the elements temporarily by clear coatings. However, this protective coating breaks down after your car has been exposed to UV light and moisture.

Eliminates all dirt, dust and debris

The interiors of cars can be restored to “as new” condition by a car detailer. When a vehicle is detailed by an expert, the results cannot be compared to those achieved by DIY cleaning. Any stains or blemishes on your upholstery, carpet, leather, or cloth will be thoroughly and expertly removed.

Your car will be valued at the best price

Getting your car detailed annually will keep it in top condition, which will ensure the best price when you decide to sell it in the future. Every driver might sell their car or trade up to a better vehicle at some point in the future, so it’s critical to keep their vehicle in good condition to get an offer at the maximum value.

Perks of Choosing Like Car Detailing

At Like Car Detailing, you can get complete auto detailing services from basic car wash and interior/exterior detail to pre-sale car detail; you can find it all here. To give value to our customers, we always make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services. The following are a few benefits of choosing Like Car Detailing:

Expert and Professional Car Detailers

At Like Car Detailing, we have a great team of expert and professional car detailers who have several years of experience in the field. We are, in fact, proud of our car groomers. They know their job very well and are well-equipped with the necessary tools.


Budget-Friendly Rates

Looking for budget-friendly rates for car detailing? Like Car Detailing offers affordable pricing no matter it is interior and exterior car wash services or pre-sale wash or paint protection services.


On-Time Delivery of Services

We believe in the importance of time. That is why we are committed to providing our services on-time.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Trust us; you will be 100 per cent satisfied with our auto detailing services.


Insured and Approved Business

Like Car Detailing is insured for up to $20,000,000 and is fully approved by Australia Police.


First-Rate Customer Service

At Like Car Detailing, you can get first-rate customer services available 24/7 as our customer service representatives are always ready to serve our clients.

Our Services

With the help of experienced car detailers and using the latest equipment, we are dedicated to offering high-level of car detailing services in all states. The following is a complete list of services that we provide:

Car Interior Detail

If you are in search of the complete car interior detail services in Australia, look no further. If you choose Like Car Detailing, you can enjoy complete interior detail services of your car, for example, cleaning of carpets, seats, windows, doors, car dashboard, and deodorising the interior.


Exterior Polish and Mini Detail

Our car exterior detail services include the exterior polish, high-pressure spray, cut and polish, cleaning door trims, washing windows, wheels, etc. So, get our car exterior detail services now and make your car look beautiful and new from outside.


Full Car Detail

Do you want to prepare your car for a special event? Apart from getting separate exterior and interior detail services, you can also get full car detail services (including exterior and interior car detail) if you want to make your car appear good from inside and outside.


Custom Car Detail

If you want to get the mobile car detailing services but do not want to wait in a Car Wash station, hold on! We have a solution for you! Our team of expert car detailers will come to your place no matter you are at home or office. Our team will provide car detailing tailored to your needs. From high-pressure rinse to cleaning of windows and doors, we have got your covered.


Paint Correction

If you are looking for professional ceramic paint protection services, we are here to assist you. At Like Car Detailing, our best car paint protection services include fixing of scratches or damaged spots, ceramic car coating, high-pressure rinse and spray, removing the protective masking tape, cleaning windows and doors inside and outside, sealing paintwork and ceramic coating.


Pre-Sale Detail

So, you want to give your car an elegant or a brand-new look before you are going to sale it. Why not take our pre-sale detail services? From cleaning of wheels, windows, doors, console, a dashboard to high-pressure spray and deodorising the interior, you can find everything here!

Exterior car detailing

Exterior Car Detailing Service Inclusions


We begin the exterior detailing by thoroughly washing the car’s body, wheels, mirrors, and windows. In the next step, an automobile clay bar is used to remove tightly bound dirt and residue that can’t be removed with regular detergents. Polishing is then performed to bring back the shine to the paint. A coating of wax protects the paint and keeps its glossy appearance. Small visible dents, stains and scratches are removed through the entire process. Even though regular detailing does not include cleaning the engine bay, keeping the plastic and rubber components in the engine bay clean can extend their lifespan. These are normally included in our exterior car detailing service.

Exterior car detailing

Interior Car Detailing Service Inclusions


When the interior is dirty, bad smells and a stuffy environment can develop, which compromises control functions and overall driving experience. Consequently, car interior detailing requires a lot of time and attention. As a first step, vacuum all surfaces and trim including the seats, carpets, and trunk. Stains and blemishes on carpets can be removed by steam cleaning and scrubbing. A sparkling, clear finish is achieved by cleaning the glass interior. A soft leathery texture is achieved by wetting down any leather trimming. Air vents and button rims like those at the bottom of air vents are cleaned by using specialized brushes and solvents. We then re-vacuum and wipe the entire cabin to remove any remaining dirt and stains. To give the interior a fresh scent, perfume or deodorant will be sprayed.

Custom Car Detailing Packages
We Offer custom packages per your requirements

Like Car Detailing was founded with the goal of making the customers its number one priority. To satisfy our clients in every possible way, we offer custom car detailing packages so you can get the detailing treatment as per your car and budget needs.

Our team understands that every customer (and every vehicle) is unique and that what you’re looking for will likely vary from individual to individual. You may be after vehicle detailing across Australia or you may simply want to wash and wax your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Like Car Detailing is completely transparent with pricing, offering completely free estimates so that you can grasp an accurate understanding of the services being offered and will be completely comfortable with the price before proceeding.

With our years of experience, we can provide both expert detailing for luxury cars and specialist detailing for classic cars – please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss any special requests.
Full Detail Service Prices
Our packages and options allow you to choose what works best for you


Sedan, Hatchback, Coupes & Small Cars

The interior and exterior of the vehicle is washed and cleaned using a pressure washer. All the upholstery is wet-vacuumed and the headlining and sun visors are cleaned. The seat belts are cleaned, the console is detailed.

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Small SUVs, Vans, UTEs (5 Seater)

The interior and exterior of the vehicle will be performed thoroughly, including vacuuming the upholstery, cleaning the headlining, sunvisors, seatbelts, dashboard, and detailing the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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Large SUVs, Vans, UTEs, Dual Cabs

We wash and clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle, wet-vacuum the upholstery, clean the headliners, wipe the sun visors, clean the seat belts, and detail the dashboard, console, and central console.

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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?
Since the foundation of Like Car Detailing in (year), we are committed to making our clients happy whether they are getting exterior detail, interior detail, full car detail, custom car detail, paint correction or pre-sale detail services from us. Most of our customers have endorsed us for providing high-quality services. Here is what our customers say about our car detailing services:

Fantastic service, highly recommend. I called them today morning and they made it work and managed to fit it around my work schedule in the afternoon.

Rob Thomas

LIKE CAR Detailing guys came and performed a mobile interior and exterior car detailing service of my car. They had to have lots of care to my beloved 2019 Jaguar. I’m very pleased to see how it was clean in the last few months. Perfect job guys, I’m happy with the service!

Marianne Lee


Get the answers you need about our professional car detailing service from our FAQ’s section

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Should I accept the offer of free washes?

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Want the Best Service in Australia? Contact Like Car Detailing!

If you want the best service (Countrywide) that may protect your car from inside and outside, contact Like Car Detailing right now. We provide detailing service in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast. In order to make our clients 100% happy with our service, we believe in perfection. This is the reason that being professional car detailing specialists, we have managed to get a large number of happy customers – all satisfied with our services.

Special Services at Like Car Detailing

Apart from the interior or exterior car detailing and paint protection, we, at Like Car Detailing, offer special mobile car detailing services as well. For example:

  • Deep cleaning of car leather seat to remove dirt from it. Moreover, we offer condition services as well that may protect the leather seats from damaging or cracked by UV radiations
  • Deep paintwork so the exteriors of the car may look perfect
  • Special services to remove pet hair that is usually stuck to the car seat
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